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The Port of New York and New Jersey becomes the second largest port in the the U.S. generating over 500,000 jobs. See the details in our Economic Impact Study partnering with @NJTPA.
John Nardi President of the New York Shipping Association has been selected to participate in Governor Phil Murphy’s Transportation and Infrastructure subcommittee of the Restart & Recovery Advisory Council. Let’s use the port as an example of how we get the normal back.
The Port of NY & NJ Council on Port Performance’s Top Priority is Safety and the Health of Frontline Workers – Breaking Waves
Protecting the workforce, the employers, and the supply chain.
The Port of NY & NJ continues to supply the Region. The Port Authority, NYSA members, ILA, truckers and all stakeholders keeping the supply chain open and moving in these difficult times. Port of NY & NJ Operational Updates due to COVID19 Breaking Waves
“trade in no way will be affected...”
So sad. I think people don’t realize how dangerous this job is because of how well these brave pilots keep the ships in NY&NJ moving without delay or fanfare. Terrible.
Governor Phil Murphy: Save Independent Contractors in New Jersey! - Sign the Petition! via @Change
New Jersey - Do you want your freight? New shoes and clothing? Furniture? Cars and car parts? Most of what what you find in retails stores? There won’t be truckers to move most of it if this bill passes as constructed!
Optimism abounds for NY/NJ’s new port director |
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